Thursday, May 5, 2011

Planting day!

Silver and I have never had a garden of our own, and that was a big thing we were looking forward to doing here -- because it's fun and delicious, but also because it's good practice. Our dream -- all of us -- is to have a piece of land one day with some animals and a big, big garden to grow basically all the produce we need. While we can't tackle have some livestock yet (I'm not sure if we're zoned for sheep...), we do have the opportunity to get in some gardening practice.

The men worked really hard turning over the soil, building garden boxes, and incorporating some compost -- and then, finally, on April 21st, we were ready to start planting! It was a beautiful day, and we spent almost all of it outdoors.

Lem and Cedar on the baby playset:

The boxes! Here you can see we've started cordoning them off -- we're doing the square foot method from a book that Josh has:

Me and the Pumpkin -- otherwise known as baby Elspeth:

Cedar peeking through, and Silver supervising while Ezzie climbs...

Rebekah also cleaned up the whole backyard that day -- here Cedar's discovered the turtle sand box that she's pulled out to hose off:

Ezzie and Lem decide to join:

Ezzie bug:

Ezzie and Lem:

Pizza! Not homemade, but the next best thing: Take-out from Lil' Mike's, where they do east-coast style pizza so good it makes you homesick. Well, it does me, anyway.

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