Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dinner, 16 April - leftover smorgasbord

With two families eating together, we produce relatively small amounts of leftovers. If there's enough, one of the men can take it to work for lunch, but usually it's just a bit of this and that. Our solution has been periodic leftover feasts.

This particular one includes the pizzas and sweet potato fries from the post below, as well as Curried Apple Soup, homemade spaghetti with homemade meatballs, and veggie stir-fry with rice and Easy Peanut Sauce. The curried apple soup was not a favorite -- we all ate it, more or less, but ended up having to get rid of the last of it because it was just sitting around. Everything else, however, was amazing and delicious...

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Backlog of Dinners....

A big motivation for creating this blog was -- I'll be honest -- to post about the dinners we've been making. So I'm working on posting a big backlog of pictures our dinners for the past couple of weeks...

15 April 2011 - Sweet Potato fries (and, okay, the rest of a bag of Ore-Ida frozen curly fries) with Chipotle-Lime Mayo, and three pizzas -- Thai-style (the one with the broccoli and pineapple), "regular" (red-sauce with some caramelized onions), and a Caramelized-Onion pizza.

small-scale Christian community - Moving in

About six to eight weeks ago, Silver and I did something that would appear crazy -- or at least desperate -- to most people. We moved into a house with another family. By choice. We weren't forced to by lack of funds or some minor disaster -- we all just started talking about it more and more seriously and more and more prayerfully, and realized it was the right thing to do in almost every way.

I don't think every Christian has to live in community, but we were all excited by the potential for growth -- culinarily, parentally and spiritually -- in living together.

We're nine altogether -- the four adults: Joshua and Rebekah, and Silver and I (Heather), and then the five kids: Lemuel (almost 4), Cedar (2), Ezra Grace (almost 2), Soren (4 1/2 months), and Elspeth (4 months). It's a lot of people, but it's a big, comfortable old house, and so far it's been a huge blessing.

We've all started up this blog together to write about our experience with small-scale Christian community, and to share some of the projects -- cooking, gardening, and general all-around homemade handmade goodness -- that we're doing together.